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Mahua Seeds

Mahua Seed

Manufacturer of Mahua Seed in India

Scientific name: Madhuca Indica

Mahua is a substantial measured multipurpose woodland tree that is found all through the blended deciduous backwoods of India, Nepal, Sri Lanka and other South Asian nations. It is an essential financial tree utilized as sustenance, prescription and for other business uses, for example, cleanser and cleanser fabricate, oil extraction, healthy skin and so on.

Uses of Mahua seeds :

Different parts of Mahua tree are utilized for treatment of assortment of infections. In arrangement of Ayurvedic alcoholic prescriptions the blossoms are utilized as aging operator. A portion of the critical Ayurvedic plans containing Mahua as a fixing are Madhukasava, Drakashdi Kvatha churna, Eladi Modaka and so on. In different parts of India, individuals utilizes the blossoms and seeds as sustenance and furthermore for therapeutic reason. These remedial uses are time tried and go from ages as customary normal cure.

Health benefits of Mahua seeds :

  • Treatment of enlargement of axillary grand, neurotic disorder
  • Aphrodisiac, in cough and bronchitis
  • Relieve pain in the muscle and joints to improve the texture and vigor of skin
  • Mcuring bleeding gums and ulcers